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Our answers are concise, original and factual. Rats are attached emotionally and mentally with their recruits, associates and coworkers. When the new moon cat figures this out, they can become sulky and caught up in disappointment. Kronos is a hypothetical trans-neptunian planet, the daily tarot leo of which is not proven. Yoga could very well be your specialty as you are constantly looking for ways to improve your health conditions. Especially, when my facts are correct.

As for the relationship between ring stones and fingers, maybe this post would be useful to you. All treatments with water such as sauna will revitalize your fitness. Capricorn is one of the daily tarot leo serious personalities in the zodiac, and one of the most faithful.

Be careful of who might be lurking around the corner, however, because there are apt to be ears listening to you at this time. The person they belong to might not necessarily be acting in your best interest.

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Sometimes you are a bit shy around groups. Today you could end up surrounded by other people a lot.

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Maybe you will need to attend some meetings. Or you could be taking part in a conference or round table discussion. Try not to let other people's energy overwhelm you. It could actually be stimulating for you as you watch the interplay of personalities and ideas taking place. If you've been expecting a settlement of some kind, today it might finally come - or at least show signs of coming soon. This is a great day to purchase a home or otherwise invest in land or property, though it is especially necessary to read the fine print before signing anything.

Your mind might be a little foggy, and so anything you have to handle could require a little more concentration than usual. Life: Your finances have been on your mind lately, and you seize this week to get them in order. As for singletons, beware of heartbreakers! As for single Leos, a chance encounter after the 20th has potential to turn your world upside down.

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Urgent message for Virgo: You've been at a major crossroads -- but what should you do? You may feel compelled to go above and beyond for others this week!


The 6 of Pentacles is a card of generosity, charity, and giving and receiving. This could be in a literal sense, indicating that you may give someone a loan or some other kind of financial support. However, this could also be a time when you are generous in spirit, helping someone move, lending advice, or offering much-needed support to a loved one going through a tough time.

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Some of the most treasured gifts we give to others are free. Urgent message for Libra: You've been at a major crossroads -- but what should you do? Victory is yours this week! The 6 of Wands is a card of resolution and honor. It's indicating that not only have you worked hard and achieved your goals, but you're starting to gain recognition because of them. Have you gotten praise from higher ups at your company for your efforts on a project?

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Have you put a new health regime into place and others are taking notice? Soak it in. You may be inclined to brush off this kind of recognition, but now is not the time to bashful. It's OK to be acknowledged for your achievements, so bask in this moment. Urgent message for Scorpio: You've been at a major crossroads -- but what should you do?

Don't give up just yet! Your card this week, the 7 of Pentacles, is reminding you that anything worth having can't be achieved overnight. Perhaps you've been working on a project or area of your life and haven't yet reaped the rewards of your efforts. Understandably, this has been a source of frustration for you. Remind yourself that this wasn't a task you could have been finished overnight and take pride in the effort you've already put forth. Your hard work and patience may not have paid off just yet, but they will soon enough.

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Urgent message for Sagittarius: You've been at a major crossroads -- but what should you do? You're being encouraged to choose your battles wisely this week. The 5 of Swords signals that a conflict is currently brewing in a particular area of your life, and a confrontation could take place soon. When it does, you may be tempted to win the argument at all costs -- but have you considered what those costs are?